Passive Solar House Plan by Richard Wittschiebe Hand

Passive Solar House Plan by Richard Wittschiebe Hand
Richard Wittschiebe Hand, an Atlanta-based architecture company built a passive solar house plan. The home was designed by Carol Richard and it is located in Madison, Wisconsin. This home has a nickname known as ‘castle’ and also called as Ross Street House. This home was designed and built by both Carol Richard and her husband [...]

Luxury Interior Design Home by Brooklyn Home Company
Before renovate or remodel a interior home design better way to do or search interior photo gallery which will help us to born an ideas. here is a better sample of interior home design by Brooklyn Home Company. All these interior decorating design ideas designed in luxury style, white color look dominant in designing and [...]

Unique Architecture Temporary Bar by Diogo Aguiar
This is a sample picture and photo of Unique Architecture Temporary Bar located at Parque da Cidade, Porto, Portugal. The proposed bar stands as an iconic cube of light, composed of modular parts. Taking advantage of the IKEA build-by-your-own world, the project is a parallelepiped made out of different depth storage boxes which give it [...]

Modern Architecture Sandwiched Project by INABA
As part of 2010, the Whitney Biennial, Jeffrey Inaba’s firm, INABA, was commissioned to design a pop?up cafĂ© located in the museum’s interior courtyard. The project consists of three (3) large?scale lanterns that occupy the courtyard’s double?height space, a 24?foot long service counter, communal tables, high?top counters and ‘droopy’ seat cushions.
However bold in form or [...]

Luxury Green Sustainable Cruise for living on the Chobe River
Luxury green sustainable cruise for living on the Chobe River. This luxury cruise living has modern interior architecture look gorgeous and amazing was contained by hot water from solar thermal hot water soaking up the sunshine on the roof and also contained by pool inside cruise. An eco sensibility can be quite delightful, they’ll find. [...]